Posted by: daaavid | October 28, 2008

Gandalf’s Garden

storefront of Gandalf's Garden

So, I jumped back into where I had left off in my copy of John Peel‘s autobiography, Margrave of the Marshes, and I found something akin to what I suppose COULD BE going on here… from the first issue:

“GANDALF’S GARDEN is the magical garden of our inner worlds, overgrowing into the world of manifestation. Gandalf’s Garden is soulflow from the pens of creators – mystics, writers, artists, diggers, delvers and poets. A wellspring of love and anguish that those with searching thirsts may drink thereof. As in the Stone Gardens of the Orient, where Soul Wizards sit within the stimulus of their own silences, contemplating the smoothness of the million pebbles, so should we seek to stimulate our own inner gardens if we are to save our Earth and ourselves from engulfment.”

Wikipedia says, “Gandalf’s Garden was a mystical community which flourished at the end of the 1960s as part of the London hippie/underground movement, running a shop and a magazine of the same name. It emphasized the mystical interests of the period, and advocated meditation in preference to drugs.”

To find out more, you can visit the official homepage here, which contains the text of several articles, personal photographs, and cover art from all the issues, among other things.  Also, it looks as if they have a CD containing all the issues and extras, which I will probably be purchasing after I post this.

Just think – forty years ago, a bunch of long-haired English beats, poets, artists and young mystics got to together, also, in the hopes of sharing their visions, ideas, and reaching out to like-minded people in search of that unique something … Either they were forty years ahead of their time, or we are forty years too late.

You tell me, Soul Wizards!



  1. That is some trippy cover art. I like how they list the credits in each issue, giving people roles like “gardenlore,” “field reaper,” and “cross-fertilizing.” What in the world did the “sunshine” people do I wonder?

  2. sunshine people SMILE their warmth on you!

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