Posted by: liberacesequence | February 2, 2009

Righeira: A License to Kill

Vamos a la Playa

For better or for worse, There isn’t really anything remarkable about the “story” of a one hit wonder. If anything, this hit and more specifically, this video is worth it’s weight in Gold. The funny thing is that they did not even write this song.  I don’t speak Italian, so when I saw the video, the lack-of-context amplified every single peculiarity. Before reading the rest of this post, watch the video

First of all, why are they in a bathroom? The song translates into  “let’s go to the Beach” but there is no beach in sight or any indication that they plan on going to the beach anytime soon. Judging by the futuristic watches, it seems as if they are spies and they choose to communicate in the anonymous confines of the wash room. Suppose they were spies, whatever allegiances they have  to whatever organizations they belong to are secondary to their obligation to fashion. Look at the shoes and the pleated pants. The haircuts only add to the theory that they might very well be secret agents working for the Fashion Police. Since they are Italian, they may very well be secret agents gaurding the sacred, gilded crown of Donatella Versace, which due to its color is instiguishable from the rest of her body. Lastly, it’s important to notice the dance moves or rather the dance move employed by the duo. It’s one that I use, but I mix it up a little more. They repeatingly beat this dance to death, and if you were so venturous to see more of their videos, you notice that this dance is all that is in their coreogrphical bag of tricks. To their credit, they do it well and the occasional pauses to speak into the communicator break up the monotony. Why do I even bother watching this artifact from ages past? because the song is f*cking awesome. It’s a piece of 80’s synth pop heaven. The italo-disco feel of the track pieces this gem together leaving no question as to why this song is a hit, and as a treat I leave you with the song (just push the play button dummy!)

Righeira “Vamos a la Playa”


  1. this video makes me feel like these guys are being punished for something, to spend an eternity in this bathroom, forever dancing and twisting like that, endlessly singing about going to the beach, like an old watchmen waiting out life, bound to the lighthouse he inhabits.

    look at them. look at their eyes. look into their soul.
    you can see … SOMETHING …

  2. ok, so i was going to post a snarky lil troll of a comment here remind y’all youngins that the 80’s weren’t that cool, but GODDAMN if that tune ain’t catchy as shit.

    * nice hair
    * i love the stop action in the dance. i have just stolen that move

    ah fuck it. *TROLL ALERT* as for the 80’s, let’s not get caught up in synth nostalgia without remembering what bands like killing joke, naked raygun and big black had to say about that loathesome decade.

  3. unfortunately, my life is an embodiment of synth nostalgia.

    Also, Naked Raygun rules!
    I only have All Rise, their b-sides compilation is pretty slick from what I remember.

  4. yeah, i don’t know what was up my ass today with all the trolling comments (okay, i do), but i also have been filled with synth nostalgia. should we make a Righeira cover band???

  5. if you want the fourth dimension to collapse on itself

  6. I dunno about the distinguished gentlemen in question, but “vamos a la playa” is most definitively, certifiably, undoubtfully… Spanish!…(according to babelfish) Thinking of the Pixies song “Vamos” as well as the Dora the Explorer catch phrase “Vamos, Diego, vamos!” led me to this question…

    Pretty cool that Spanish for “beach” is “playa” though. Don’t be playa-hatahs, guys! Tee hee

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