Posted by: daaavid | February 7, 2009

Big Man Japan

Absurd Big Man Japan Delights In Weirding You Out


  1. truly awesome. what’s the story? japanese film with a domestic release???

  2. as far as I can tell, it’s a clever new-school Japanese monster flick… lots of action, just enough funny, and a decent perspective on the human side of things.

    I got the dvdrip, but the subs are a horrible translation, and it’s split into two discs. couldn’t get very far with the broken subtitles…

    what was that movie that came out a couple years ago, it had a big American release? a big squid/dog monster comes out of a river, wreaking havoc on the shops and townspeople alongside it… The One? The Other? guy in a dinky ramen shop, and his small family unit work to save the day…

  3. “The Host” is the movie you’re thinking of, David. South Korea – 2006 according to imdb.

    I don’t know how I missed this trailer when you first posted it. So awesome.

  4. The Host! that was a good monster flick!

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