Posted by: daaavid | February 7, 2009

The 13 Coolest Songs You’ve Never Heard

Okay, so maybe your earholes have already picked up on a few of these by now, but for the most part these songs are sitting in rarities boxsets, found 45s, or just weird tracks lost in time, patiently waiting for some virgin ears to stroll by and annihilate everything you thought you already knew about your favorite music – Enjoy!

“Save My Soul” by Wimple Winch

“Lions” by Tones on Tail

Whispering Winds by Ray Scott

“Under Mi Sleng Teng” by King Jammy

“Unless You’ll Find Out” by The Good Luck Charms

“Sugar Man” by Rodriquez

“I Have Known Love” by Silver Apples

“Just Ain’t Me” by Tommy Guerrero

“Combination of the Two” by Yuya Ichida & The Flowers

“Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out” by Mayer Hawthorne

“Put Out the Fire” by The Mystiques

“Mud In Your Eye” by Les Fleur De Lys

“Rollerskate” by Call and Response

click here to download all your new favorite songs



  1. sorry about some of them songs getting “Error” in the media player — not sure what to do about that… they will work just fine if you get the .zip

  2. cough hit me up with that king Jammy album

  3. you’ll never guess what decade “Save My Soul” by Wimple Winch is from

  4. I have known love is kooky good.

    Also, I’m pretty sure under me sleng teng was on the RnR pt. 2 syllabus.

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