Posted by: jeremygiant | February 18, 2009


There’s a part of me that thinks this is the best ever.  There’s another part of me that wonders what a Phish record soaked in corn syrup would sound like played at 45rpm.  Tonight, with the aid of whiskey and sleeplessness, I am actively choosing to sidestep the binary categorization that dominates the Western thought process.



  1. sounds like Squarepusher doing a battle theme for Final Fantasy

  2. what.

    I can’t tell, is that keyboard player blind or just cool? or is he not cool?

  3. I think he might be really, really cool.

  4. he’s an alien. like ? and the Mysterians

  5. sweetish vs. sweedish

  6. I’m unfamiliar with the sweeds. Unless you’re referring to shitty weed, because I’ve had some experience with that.

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