Posted by: daaavid | March 3, 2009

Lets Paint Tv

There is no greater pleasure in life than watching painting a tv! Have you ever seen Let’s Paint TV? There is painting, and live mixing, of drinks, and music and creative thinking. It’s all about creativity!
It began as a show on the world, with public access, on California in at first then, in 2001 started publishing clips to You Tube .

Have you ever tried acid?

John Kilduff was on mushrooms was in a leafy yard and had a bad trip.John kilduff may seem insane, or screwed in the head, but he is in fact a multi-tasking brilliant. his energy is forth from his efforst, he knows life is hard, and its a struggle,  angelic creative action. Bueaitiful. Have you eveJUST GO WITH ITr seen a pting ing? We’re TAKING CALLS live now! Your board is up! He is in fact a smar Elvis

His guests seem to be in the joke, too. Or maybe he’s on the same trip. I guess the beautiy of the show is the output of everyhting including voices, thoughts, geuets, drinks mixing, painting, excercize, beaethinbg, saving, helping, talking, conversational, working out, caclulating and playing cvhess. TIs the beautiy fo the show that is the flow of forward, its. never stopping, its always moving forwrad, as a pen falls down a page

It’s brilliance radiates through the waves.

Look to the tubes for inspiration. The truth of the public. Lies with you. Cascading sheets of rayon energy. luminating your circuits

New wave Energy

Lightning round!




  1. Holy shit. Too much for a walking hangover like myself to handle.

    This post is drugs.

  2. just brave through it, brother. keep telling yourself it’s all okay, there is a beautiful light at the end of the tunnel.

    the guest band Mondo really sells this final episode. it peaks around 2/3 thru…

  3. The smoothie is like Lets Sh!t TV

  4. @liberace: that’s all you can come up with?

  5. yeah unfortunately the most obvious poop joke is the route that I take…what do you expect, though?

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