Posted by: kafaw | March 9, 2009

Retro Flash Storytelling on Kongregate

I wish I were the Moon

“I wish I were the Moon” is a little Flash game by a fellow named Daniel Benmergui that is about telling a story by changing the placement of objects.  Your cursor is a sort of camera that you can use to cut out something in the picture, paste it somewhere else–and then see what happens!  There are I think eight endings (one of them very secret) that you can get, most of them very sad and cute.  Sad in a cute way.  Or cute in a sad way?  Anyway, I like that this game is about love and the moon.  Maybe it will make you think of the moon in a whole new way!  Give it a quick whirl.


“The Majesty of Colors” is I guess based on a dream this guy had about being a Lovecraft-ian tentacle.  Anyway, that’s what you are.  Through your actions as the tentacle, you can push the dream in different directions.  It’s not as fun to experiment with as the previous game, but it’s definitely interesting to see what ending you get first, ’cause that’s when the game is most like a dream, when you are still “alien” to yourself.


“Don’t Look Back” is a short but (bitter)sweet platformer by Terry Cavanagh based on the story of some dude named Orpheus who wanted to like save his girlfriend from hell but he couldn’t like look back at her or else she would turn into a corpse and eat him or something.  This one is pretty tough, but hopefully its simple color scheme and swooning musical score will win you over.  It doesn’t experiment with “interactive” storytelling like the previous two games, but it does have a nice “twist” and a similar aesthetic.  On this guy’s website is another game called “Pathways” that is basically a choose-your-own-adventure that makes you very aware of your agency (or lack of…?); kinda hard to call it a game, but it has an interesting effect if you go through it to the end.


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