Posted by: kafaw | March 21, 2009

Saturday Morning Watchmen

Y’all might’ve already seen this, but it sure is darn funny!  Wish I woke up today and could’ve turned it on…

Oh, I guess in order to turn this into a slightly more worthwhile post, what did everyone think of the movie?  I couldn’t get over how annoying the stylized action and even worse the ridiculous 300-esque horror-violence was (Zack Snyder really burns my grits!), but I did think that for the most part the movie was a lot better than I had expected.  The first third (especially the funeral scene) was just about as perfect as a true-to-the-source adaptation could have been.  Nevertheless, the part where Dan and Laurie are fighting punks while Jon is being interviewed was just so off for me.  I mean, I just never figured they were the sort of characters who would really get their kicks out of like needlesly brutalizing people, plus I’m pretty sure, even if one has extensive training as a fake super hero, it’s not that easy to like twist heads off people and kick arms into like 1080 degree pretzles.  In slow motion.



  1. yes, that video is excellent! I love the band, and eating pizza- hehe

    my thoughts on the movie: HOLLYWOOD meets THE WATCHMEN.

    Sure, it was entertaining for the 2 hours and 45 minutes I was killing time at the movies, but the movie left a bad taste in my mouth… I ran out as soon as I heard the credits, with that awful cover of Desolation Row… JEEZUS!

    It was definitely interesting to see what was changed or altered, like the merciless thrashing of punks in the alley, or what I found even more disturbing, was the Rorschach scene where he finds the killer of the little girl… in the comic I believe he handcuffs the guy, offers him a rusty saw, and sets the house on fire, letting the guy choose to cut off his hand or burn to death… but, the Hollywood version had Rorschach handcuff the guy to the furnace, and then just pound him in the head with a meat cleaver… ????

    Also, the most disappointing part of the movie for me, was definitely the Nite Owl II/Silk Spectre love scene… totally ruined the quirky romance of the whole idea by gratuitously humping and fucking in the ship…

    All in all, it was interesting, and the execution was superb… but, now I just feel confirmed in my feelings that comic movies so blindly faithful to source texts are just boring, and the sacrifices that are made in transitioning the ideas from one medium to another are only amplified, and stick out like sore gamer thumbs.

  2. Oh YEAH! The sex scenes!! The first was managable… it was at least sorta quirky, though still way too played out. But the second scene in Archie? It was so awkwardly “epic” I couldn’t believe it was still going on after like 30 seconds (at least WAH WAH they finally hit the flamethrower). So awkward. Plus I was with my parents. Seriously, SEX and PARENTS just never mix in general.

  3. oh and I agree, cross-medium adaptations, especially when Hollywood is involved, almost always miss the point of a good cover song: to make something new!

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