Posted by: jeremygiant | March 31, 2009


So I’ve been wanting to do a monthly BORIS/Boris column for a while and seeing as there’s no shortage of topics pertaining to these modern messiahs, I think it’s high time to pull the trigger.

For our inaugural installment, I present to you a series of videos created, presumably, by director(s?) fangsanalsatan – the same name given to the band’s personal label (I know) – and Ryuta Murayama:

I can’t help being reminded of certain ubiquitous, avant-garde films (*cough*  Fly *cough*), yet fangs /and(?) Murayama have quite a different aesthetic framework to play around with when collaborating with Boris.  Whereas Yoko Ono had the stringent melodies and structures of her late husband’s songwriting to deconstruct or rebel against, Murayama and co (I think I’ll stick with this moniker even though it’s really fun to type fangsanalsatan) have the burden of creating visual accompaniments to some of the 21st century’s most pummeling and puzzling interpretations of RocknRoll – and sound in general.

Rather than merely accompany Boris’ music with redundant visual cacophony, Murayama instead presents guitarist Wata standing silently, spread across multiple frames like tracks on an album (I’m partial to number five, although small feet usually scare me).  These are the pieces of a rock god.  If you look between the cracks, you can almost see the ichor.  I can’t imagine a better foil to the band’s usual grating roar than cold, sepia-toned femininity made bearable only by its fractured presentation.

Then again, these could just be a screen test to see how the band would look cast in this color palette, but I’m high and Wata is gorgeous.  No (April) foolin.



  1. oooh, damn! those last two sentences are particularly poignant… nice work!

    also, you;re right in that there is no shortage of topics to discuss on BORIS/Boris, just as there is no amount of discussion that could satiate my desire for involving myself in such topics – let’s see what else you got


  2. fuck yeah, great post!

    how about some discussion of the track differences between their japanese and domestic releases? or maybe their whole limited vinyl release thing? just seems to me to be very hard to keep track of their entire discography.

  3. yeah, you always were going on about the Japan vs US release of the last album, but I wasn’t into it enough to explore the differences.

    I have a lot of their discography on my computer… maybe I’ll write up a post that just details their cover art.

  4. evilonewhichsobs-duotone

  5. That photo rules.

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