Posted by: daaavid | May 29, 2009

Kung Fu 3×01 Cry of the Night Beast

Master Po:

Kwai Chang Caine:
Yes, master?

Master Po:
You sit very still.

Kwai Chang Caine:
I listen for the cry of new life.

Master Po:
The woman’s time approaches swiftly.
The life she will bring forth will live.
That is our wish.

Kwai Chang Caine:
I know it, master.

Master Po:
Yes, you do…

A thing of wonderment.
You and this infant not yet born, you are as candle and flame.
Separate and not separate.

Kwai Chang Caine:
There must be others bound together in this fashion.

Master Po:
I would not disagree.

Kwai Chang Caine:
Perhaps, then, there are couplings beyond couplings.

Master Po:
I would not disagree.

Kwai Chang Caine:
Do you think…?
Could it be that all men are bound together and all things?

Master Po:
There is no reason to believe so.
Nor reason not to believe so.

Kwai Chang Caine:
How can we learn the answer?

Master Po:
That is simple.


Master Po:
Do not seek it.


cue music



  1. fuck yeah. i’m suddenly possessed with a great desire to watch kung fu…

  2. Cool Pics, I love Kun Fu Flix

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