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Welcome, FRIENDS! Do you think you have what it takes to become a Freaks author, editor, or contributor? NO? Well, if you’re even thinking about it then just sign up! Hang out with us, get a feel for how things work and try to interject your own creepster content into this sideshow gallery of ours. Lurkers, trolls, commenters, guests, strangers passing in the night… all are welcome here.

Now, while Whodini’s song was an inspiration for the facade, the entrance gates, our trumpeter’s call, I thought I’d share a few other pieces of mind nuggets that helped shape and motivate all of this to happen.

The following lecture by author Clay Shirky, was something I stumbled upon while I was soaking up a lot of content from a large assortment of astronomy, science, philisophy, and comic books. A lot of some things were just crawling under my skin, trying to get out, as I was itching to do something creative and collaborative oriented, but had no outlets to do so. I watched a couple different videos from his lectures, bought the book, and took off full force in conceiving this blog:

Hi-Quality Video @ Berkman Center For Internet & Society at Harvard University

“This book is written just before — at most, I believe, a few years or a few decades before — the answers to many of those vexing and awesome questions on origins and fates are pried loose from the cosmos. If we do not destroy ourselves, most of us will be around for the answers. Had we been born fifty years earlier, we could have wondered, pondered, speculated about these issues, but we could have done nothing about them. Had we been born fifty years later, the answers would, I think, already have been in. Our children will have been taught the answers before most of them will have had an oppurtunity even to formulate the questions. By far the most exciting, satisfying and exhilarating time to be alive is the time in which we pass from ignorance to knowledge on these fundamental issues; the age where we begin in wonder and end in understanding. In all of the four-billion-year history of life on our planet, in all of the four-million-year history of the human family, there is only one generation privileged to live through that unique transitional moment: that generation is ours.”

quote by Carl Sagan, from the introduction to his 1974 publication, Broca’s Brain: Reflections on the Romance of Science.

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  1. This should be required viewing, if anyone wants to become one of the FREAKS

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